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Exciting news, everyone! Great six page article on Chris and his artwork in the latest edition of ARTBEAT Magazine Click on the image below to take you to the ARTBEAT site.

Chris  Krieg  art

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AMazing Video

Watch this video to see Chris Krieg's creation of the 190 ft x 40 ft artwork entitled Free Climber which is located at the Colorado Tower 1720 S. Bellaire, Denver, Colorado

Chris Krieg is an internationally known artist, muralist, sign painter and recovering business owner.  His art ranges from gracing skyscrapers, murals on the sides of buildings, canvases of all sizes and a broad range of eclectic materials.   Each piece is unique and evokes emotion and creates conversation.

Take a look at the world through the eyes of Chris Krieg's art and you will never see it the same way again.